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Use install.cmd to set up a new WSL installation. Run without arguments for details.


  • wsl-apt - run apt update/upgrade/install/remove/autoremove/autoclean
    • any package names given as arguments are treated as packages to install, except any prefixed with a - are treated as packages to remove
  • wsl-clipboard-ssh-add - add private key on Windows clipboard to SSH authentication agent
  • wsl-expose-ports - expose one or more ports within WSL to the outside world
    • this sets up a port proxy and a Windows firewall rule for each exposed port, and removes previous port proxies and firewall rules
    • multiple ports can be specified, each with an optional external port: 1234 exposes port 1234 as 1234, 1234:5678 exposes port 5678 as 1234
    • call without arguments to remove port proxies and firewall rules without creating new ones
  • wsl-fix-clock - sync the WSL clock with the Windows clock
  • wsl-fix-interop - fix WSL_INTEROP variable when it becomes incorrectly set
  • wsl-mount - mount or unmount a removable drive or network share in WSL
    • call with wsl-mount A: ./directory to mount drive at directory
    • call with wsl-mount '\\computer\share' ./directory to mount network share at directory
    • call with wsl-mount ./directory to unmount
  • wsl-sudo - run a given command as root using wsl.exe
  • wsl-takeown - chown the current directory and all contents to the current user

WSLtty configuration

wsltty contains configuration for the WSLtty terminal emulator.


This configuration uses Fira Code, which must be manually installed.