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  • git clean-branches - delete local branches which track deleted remote branches
  • git clean-config - unset various local config values, so global config will be used
  • git clean-dates - set commit dates of all commits (optionally: all commits since the given commit) to their authoring dates
  • git clean-fork - assuming origin and fork remotes, resets default branch on fork to first commit on origin, deletes all other branches on fork that are present on origin, and deletes all tags on fork
  • git clean-modes - reset all file modes to those in the repository
  • git clean-mtime - set a file's mtime to its most recent commit's author date
  • git clean-pr - delete all pr/ branches created by git cpr
  • git clean-user - set author and committer of all commits to the currently configured identity
  • git cpr - checkout a PR from GitHub by id, and set up the local branch to track the appropriate branch on the appropriate fork
  • git download-bundle - download a bundle file from a remote repository
  • git npm-add - stage precisely the files that would be included in an npm package
  • git snapshot - save/load the current HEAD plus staged changes plus unstaged changes - call without arguments to save, call with previous return value to load
  • git track - set current branch to track given remote and branch, defaulting to same branch name
  • git turbo-gc - turbo garbage collect
  • git upload-bundle - upload a bundle file to a remote repository

Git Credential Manager Core WSL/Windows interop

Copy wsl/git-credential-manager into the root of the Git for Windows installation, and symlink to it from the WSL PATH.