2024-02-11 17:17:00 -05:00
scripts wsl: remove wsl-display 2023-06-02 14:06:59 -04:00
.wslconfig wsl: enable mirrored networking mode 2024-02-11 17:17:00 -05:00
install.cmd wsl: remove automount metadata option 2021-11-19 19:23:13 -05:00 wsl: remove WSLtty config 2023-08-18 09:33:39 -04:00



Use install.cmd to set up a new WSL installation. Run without arguments for details.


  • wsl-apt - run apt update/upgrade/install/remove/autoremove/autoclean
    • any package names given as arguments are treated as packages to install, except any prefixed with a - are treated as packages to remove
  • wsl-clipboard-ssh-add - add private key on Windows clipboard to SSH authentication agent
  • wsl-expose-filesystem - expose entire filesystem to all WSL instances at /mnt/wsl/$WSL_DISTRO_NAME
  • wsl-expose-ports - expose one or more ports within WSL to the outside world
    • this sets up a port proxy and a Windows firewall rule for each exposed port, and removes previous port proxies and firewall rules
    • multiple ports can be specified, each with an optional external port: 1234 exposes port 1234 as 1234, 1234:5678 exposes port 5678 as 1234
    • call without arguments to remove port proxies and firewall rules without creating new ones
  • wsl-fix-clock - sync the WSL clock with the Windows clock
  • wsl-fix-interop - fix WSL_INTEROP variable when it becomes incorrectly set
  • wsl-mount - mount or unmount a removable drive or network share in WSL
    • call with wsl-mount A: ./directory to mount drive at directory
    • call with wsl-mount '\\computer\share' ./directory to mount network share at directory
    • call with wsl-mount ./directory to unmount
  • wsl-sudo - run a given command as root using wsl.exe
  • wsl-takeown - chown the current directory and all contents to the current user


This configuration uses Fira Code, which must be manually installed.