2021-02-09 20:59:02 -05:00
.tmux.conf use long form of command line options where possible 2021-02-09 20:59:02 -05:00 reorganize 2021-01-15 10:31:42 -05:00



The included .tmux.conf makes the following changes/additions to the default tmux keybindings:

  • The prefix key is now ctrl-a (and ctrl-a ctrl-a is used to send ctrl-a to the console)
  • Switching windows is done with ctrl-alt-left/right (no prefix key)
  • Switching panes is done with alt-left/right/up/down (no prefix key)
  • Splitting panes is done with ctrl-a | (horizontal) and ctrl-a - (vertical)
  • Reloading ~/.tmux.conf is done with ctrl-a shift-r

Mouse control is also enabled, and the terminal mode is set to screen-256color.