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  • */ - folders whose names are +-separated concatenations of names of files in this directory (without their extensions) - these will be given user.js files constructed by concatenation of the base files, and will then be symlinked to from various Firefox profiles' user.js files
  • *.pac - proxy auto-config files - these too can be referred to in the above +-separated folder names

user.js handling (Windows-specific)

Create *.pac files containing proxy auto-config files.

Create empty directories whose names are assembled by concatenating the names of templates in this directory (without the .js or .pac extension) separated by +s.

There is a menu option in to generate (or regenerate) user.js files in these directories from their constituent templates, including adding the appropriate configuration to point to a particular *.pac file.

There is also a menu option in for creating symlinks from various Firefox profiles' user.js files to the assembled files.

Additional manual setup

For each profile:

Configuring PAC

To use an SSH tunnel as a SOCKS proxy for select domains, open a dynamic tunnel with:

$ ssh -D 8000 hostname

and use a manual proxy configuration file containing something like:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
	return /(^|\.)(example\.com|example\.net)$/.test(host) ? 'SOCKS' : 'DIRECT';